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    Looking at art can be like visiting a new city.  A great view from your hotel window is nice, but provides only limited satisfaction. Going out the door and actually getting into the risks and rewards of seeing, smelling, and touching the streets, parks, and plazas is much more interesting.  Likewise, you can keep your contemplation of a piece of art superficial, or you can get more deeply involved.  Granted, some art – like some cities – may be less enticing than others. You sometimes want to not only stay in your hotel room, but close the blinds as well. Or, if you look a little more, you may find charm or fascination in unexpected places.


    I’m currently painting salvaged hollow-core doors and other recycled building materials with water-based paints.  I like the idea of windows and doors conveying us – visually and/or physically – between the security of indoor space to the less certain world outside.  I hope you’ll leave the curtains open a bit and consider going through some of my doors.

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