Artist Statment 

Key considerations in the completion of my artworks include:

-       Strong, vibrant colors are almost always positive elements.

o   Artworks typically evoke an initial emotional response. Many of us respond positively to color. And I simply like bright colors.

-       Three classic criteria for evaluating artwork are valid.

o   Craftsmanship: Does the artwork demonstrate technical skill by the artist?

o   Composition: Does the artwork provide “beauty” in some form?

o   Creativity: Is the artwork interesting?

-       Life experiences provide the best inspirations.

o   Visually interesting things are encountered pretty much everywhere. The task is to manipulate real world elements into something to be considered for its aesthetic value.

-       Environmental considerations are important.

o   All my original paintings are done on panels I fabricate from salvaged hollow-core doors, scrap lumber, and/or other recycled materials.

o   I use all water-based fluid media.

-       Artwork is typically meant to be enjoyed.

o   Both the artist and the viewer/collector are in it first and foremost to experience the joy of the creative process and the resulting product.


Events important to my growth as an artist include:

-       Born and raised in rural eastern Colorado

-       Earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Colorado State University. (1975)

-       Commissioned to provide “super graphic” murals and other artworks for several public and private entities. (1973 – 1980)

-       Pursued a successful +30-year career as an urban design professional. (1976 – 2008)

-       Returned to painting full time in 2008.

-       Participated in dozens of juried exhibitions and earned numerous awards. (Click HERE for more details)

-       Relocated to Oro Valley (Tucson) Arizona in 2018.

-       My work is available through traditional galleries in the Tucson area; on-line sites; or through me directly.


Contact me directly at Ward-Eldon@Comcast.net

These images may not be copied, reproduced, redistributed or used for any other purpose without the expressed written consent of the artist, Eldon Ward.